‘Granny Pods’ Are New Housing Units That Allow Your Aging Parents To Live In Your Backyard

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Ana Suarez.

When family members get older, you are often stuck making a tough choice. Depending on their health, they might need to go into a senior facility, because you just cannot manage taking care of them on your own.

Or, maybe they live too far and you feel like you just do not see them enough for how old they are. You can’t convince them to move next door to you, because that is too costly. They don’t want to move in with you, because they want their own space. What else can you do?

Well, “Granny Pods” are here and they might be the solution to all of your problems! Also known as a MEDCottage, this is a home that is small in size and will fit perfectly in your backyard. It is the perfect solution to the problem many children face when their parents begin to age. It is ideal for both parent and child, as they get to remain as close as possible while still having their own personal space.

The story behind Granny Pods is all about family care. Their website states:

The MEDCottage is a mobile, modular medical dwelling designed to be temporarily placed on a caregiver’s property for rehabilitation and extended care. Simply stated, it’s a state-of-the-art hospital room with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care. Close proximity is so important when keeping family engaged in our life. This solution provides a beautiful dwelling close to the people we love.

MEDCottages are available to rent for $750/month or you can pay $85,000 to $125,000 to buy one. The average size of the cottage is 12 by 14 feet. The MEDCottage Classic comes with a bedroom, kitchenette/living area, and a full bath. It looks just like a home inside, so they won’t feel like they are in a senior home. However, at the moment, the classic home is only currently available in Virginia.

There are also two smaller options. The first is the Living ROO, which fits in a garage, and can still allow your parent to have their own window and private area. Then there is the Mother Ship, which can go on an RV flatbed. The Mother Ship can be rented at a lesser cost and it is fitted for rehab care. These two options can be rented monthly and might be better options for shorter care.

Looking for something a bit more modern? In New Zealand PodPlay sells sleek pods starting at around $16,000. Here are a few of our favorite designs from PodPlay.

This is what PodPlay says about their designs: “Easy construction and convenience are the hallmarks of Podlife. You can entrust us not only to build a granny flat big enough for a comfortable life for the aged relative or parent but also one that’s perfectly sized to fit into your yard.”

Here’s an interior shot of their “Glamping Pod.”

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