Left Untouched For Nearly 100 Years, This Soldier’s Room Is Frozen In Time.

In Belâbre, a small town in Central France, there’s a special memorial unlike any other. The parents of Hubert Rochereau, a dragoons officer who served and perished in World War One, decided to keep his room the way it was when he left for war. When he never returned, his parents could think of no better way to honor his memory then to keep this room intact.

After deciding to sell the house in 1935, Rochereau’s parents stipulated that any new owner must keep the room in the same condition for the next 500 years, and while this request has no legal bearings, their wishes have been met by the new owners. In fact, the room has remained unchanged for nearly 100 years, and the result is a slice of history frozen in time. Have a look below at this incredible space.

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