The Worst Possible Toys to Step On

We loved playing with these toys and we loved buying these toys for our kids and watching them get the same satisfaction out of them that we did. But, at any age, these toys were not fun to step on. There is something extra sharp about certain toys, while others practically bruised your foot when you skidded to a stop after treading on the wrong toy at the wrong time. We lived to tell the tales, but these toys left an impression (literally) on us every time we accidentally stepped on them.

1) Battleship Pieces

The little pegs weren’t so bad, but the ships were a nightmare to step on.

Battleship Game Pieces

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2) Lincoln Logs

These guys could really bruise your feet, that is, after you roll a few feet and finally regain your balance. Great toys for building though!

Lincoln Logs

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3) Tiny Plastic Animals

These weren’t even that fun, but somehow all the little plastic animals ended up all over the house anyways. The pain level here really depended on which animal you stepped on, but they were all pretty awful.

Tiny Plastic Chicken

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4) Wooden Blocks

You’d think you’d see them, but before you know it you’re getting the right angle edge of a wooden block your instep. Always a favorite.

Vintage Wooden Block Toy

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5) Barbie Shoes

Nothing quite stings like a tiny sharp piece of plastic. The fact that these are so tiny helps them to blend into the carpet, lying in wait to bring about your literal downfall.

Barbie Shoes Just Waiting to be Stepped On

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6) Light Bright Pins

These hurt a surprising amount considering that they are mostly smooth. If a rogue pin were to entangle itself in the shag carpeting, the sharp side would inevitably be sticking up.

Lite Brite Pins

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7) Marbles

As soon as you feel the cold glass, you try to correct because you know there are a limited number of ways this will play out. But, it’s too late. You’re off balance, careening towards the kitchen while your foot gets an unintended indentation. Marbles never end well on the feet.

Marbles on the Floor Just Waiting to be Stepped on

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