Did You Know That Wonder Woman Was Almost a Sitcom in the ’60s?

If you grew up watching Lynda Carter in the ’70s the idea of any other Wonder Woman TV show might sound like blasphemy. But, in 1967 the pilot for a Bewitched-style sitcom was created starring Ellie Wood Walker as the big WW herself. What’s infinitely interesting is how the creators of this show wanted to make the superhero Wonder Woman into a creature less wonderful and much more average! With her nagging mother, vain self-impressions, and clumsy demeanor, this version of Wonder Woman certainly doesn’t hold a candle to the character Carter played in the ’70s!

While this campy show pokes fun at Wonder Woman and makes the character seem laughable, we can’t quite look away from this clip of the pilot episode. We’re glad it was the later action incarnation that actually made onto television instead! Can you imagine growing up with this role model? Have a look at the clip below. And, check out the very first Muppets performance on TV right here.

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