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From the Fashion to the Gifts- Wedding Trends Over the Past Century Sure Have Changed!

It’s not just the wedding dresses that change from year to year. From the gifts given to the types of cakes served, weddings sure have changed a lot over the decades! Take a look back with us at some of the wedding trends that have come and gone since the 1920s.


Flapper style infiltrated even bridal wear, though in the photo below the bride’s dress is still ankle length (as were many wedding dresses). Headbands and short hair ruled the decade. Women who chose to keep their hair long would often pin it up in a mock bob for special occasions.


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The newly-created concept of the gift registry meant that couples could select their own patterns and gifts from a department store like Macy’s (the originator of the concept). Popular gifts of the day included china, crystal, and silver.

Wedding cakes grew in size from the decade before, though many weddings were still small weekday affairs held at the home of the bride’s parents, with cakes to match the scale of these affairs.

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