You Definitely Grew Up With at Least One of These Pieces of Furniture

There are just a few pieces of furniture that seemed to be everywhere back in the day. Even the pieces that were pretty far out there: we either had them or knew someone who did. It was hard to get away from these styles, even though some were already vintage when we were kids. Have a look at these old pieces of furniture and we bet they probably will look shockingly familiar.

Shelf Headboards

From the 1940s onward these beds had popularity, but they really came into their own in the 1960s and 1970s. They took up quite a bit of space, but they sure were useful. There was was always somewhere to put your book, your cup of water, or your glasses at the end of the night. But, it also meant there were lots of little things to knock over in the dark.

Plastic Rope Chairs

We loved the folding aluminum chairs that have been a backyard favorite since the 1960s. But, did you ever encounter the rope chairs? The straps were made from smooth plastic “ropes”
which unfortunately got scorching hot in the sun or stretched and allowed the sitter the fall through the seat a bit. They were cute chairs though.

This Bed Frame

Seems like everyone was exposed to this metal bed frame at one point or another. One like this was sold through Sears circa 1900-1920, but many many other retailers sold bed frames that looked nearly identical to this one.

The center panel might have varied slightly from model model, but overall they had a such a similar look that it really didn’t matter. When you saw one of these beds, there was a sense of déjà vu no matter where you were.

Round Chairs

Not everyone could be cool as to have one of these bad boys in their home, but you knew at least one person with a round chair in their living room. These were the ultimate in modern furniture once upon a time, despite quickly falling out of favor for more traditional designs.

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