This Vintage Sewing Machine Is Beautiful, But What They Found Inside Is The Real Treasure! 

Like many of us, Kathi Arnold has an affinity for vintage and antique items. So when she bought a Kenmore sewing machine from the 1950’s at a local thrift shop, she was excited to give it a thorough inspection. While searching the drawers, she found some really cool items: old sewing patterns, scissors, patches…but it was something she found stuck behind one of the drawers that really surprised her.

Hidden behind one of the drawers was a three-page love letter, hand written from Sgt. First Class Walter R. Smith, Jr. The letter is dated March 19, 1963, and says Korea in the corner. Here’s what it says:

“Hello my darling, I got the sweetest letter today from the sweetest little angel on earth. you do write wonderful letters, sweetheart and they tell me just what I want to hear, that you love me. I am so very fortunate to have you love me, little one. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, such wonderful love, but I don’t question it. Your loving husband– forever, Walter.”

After Arnold turned to social media for help tracking the letter’s original owners down, a private investigator was able to locate the nephew and niece of Roberta Smith (the addressee). While the two had to share the unfortunate news that both of the Smiths had since passed away, it’s nice to know that this piece of family history will be in its proper home.

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