If You Ever Wondered How People Stayed Married for So Long, These Photos Explain It All

They were there for each other through goos times and bad. They made each other laugh and they knew how to have a good time. They went dancing and never lost that spark of romance. And, when they looked at each other, you could see how much they loved one another. Our parents and grandparents had it, and so do these couples. That certain something comes through in photos. Have a look below.

the look of love 1940s photo

Submitted by reader, Elise Randels, “Love the look between my aunt & uncle in this early 1940’s photo.”

last kiss before he ships out 1960s photo

Via/ Flickr

sweet couple dancing outside

Submitted by reader, LuAnn Smith Kline‎, “Great Uncle George Pankey and his wife, Dolly Jennings dancing in the orchard.”

1950s couple

Via/ Flickr

1930s couple on car bumper

Submitted by reader, Palee Badia‎, My Grandparents Peekskill NY late 1930’s.”

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