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These 10 Vintage Advertisements Would Never Fly Today!

From blunt explanations to overt sexism, the advertisements we grew up with said a lot about the world at the time. Women often stayed home and if they worked it was often in positions which did not carry much authority. Not only did we not think twice about it, we thought many of these ads were pretty clever.

This ad might not be considered appropriate these days, but we still miss these cookies!

Vintage Advertisements That Would Never Fly Today

Via/ Flickr

There’s nothing more painful than not knowing if you are secretly disgusting to your date.

This not-so-subtle 1948 ad would be considered too inflammatory by today’s standards.

Vintage Advertisements That Would Never Fly Today

Via/ Flickr

Dress for the men, whoever they may be! Your path to marriage was all laid out in this 1958 ad.

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We bet this commercial didn’t go over well with women who actually knew how to change a tire!

The vintage Flintstones commercial that certainly wasn't for kids: Click “Next Page” below!

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