Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, And Many More Dance To This Popular Song In A Charming Mashup. 

You’ve probably heard this on the radio, but who knew it worked so well with dance scenes from the Hollywood Golden Era? We certainly had no idea!

In the following clip from Nerd Fest UK, big screen favorites like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple, and The Nicholas Brothers dance to “Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, a number one Billboard hit from earlier this year.

Of course, you know that’s not what they were actually dancing to in these video clips, but their timing is so perfect it’s hard to believe there’s any other music that could possibly go with those wicked moves!

The editing in this mashup is fantastic, as the choreography from these classic dance scenes lines up perfectly with the song. The person who made this video is an absolute miracle worker! Can you even imagine how long it took to find all those clips and decide which ones to place at certain parts of the song? This piece is such a seamless masterpiece.

See for yourself, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below! We promise you won’t be underwhelmed!

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