Vintage Photos That Show How We Used To “Unfriend” People Before Facebook

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.

Unfriending people/ TypePad

Before Facebook, there was a different way of unfriending people and it didn’t include clicking the “unfriend” button. It typically involved a photo of that person and a sharpie/marker to color out their face. Many people did this in their yearbooks as well and probably still do to this day! It definitely gives you a good laugh to open up an old yearbook and find your least favorite person with devil horns or simply crossed out of the page.

Take a look at these vintage photos below that show exactly how people erased those “friends” out of their lives with a simple photo and a marker or pair of scissors! Can you relate to these?

The Real “Unfriend” Button Back in the Day

1950s graduation photo with someone's head cut out

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

This one takes the photo and marker idea to a new level. Simply cut that person’s face out with some scissors. It still has the same idea behind it!

photo with heart-shaped hole where a person's face was

Cutting out people’s faces / The Mind Circle

This one seems a bit more personal, considering the face is cut out in the shape of a heart. Perhaps an ex-lover? Cutting the face out this way somehow makes the photo even more sentimental.

vintage photo of a group of children, two with their faces crossed out in marker

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

Ah, there it is! The classic coloring out the face with a marker. We’re guessing there was a friendship falling out. Hey, maybe they made up after all these years?!

late 19th century group photo with a woman's face cut out

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

Whoever did the coloring out of the face went all out here. The face is basically unrecognizable in comparison to the previous photo. Maybe this is for the best.

vintage photo of man and women with woman's face cut out in a oval shape

Cutting out people from life / The Mind Circle

At this rate, he could’ve just cut the person out completely and made it a solo photo op!

photo of two women in the 1920s, one with her face poked through

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

It looks like someone took a sharp pen point or even a needle and just poked holes in this woman’s face. That’s a new, interesting way to unfriend someone, huh?

three people on a ocean liner, one with her face cut out of the photo

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

I honestly didn’t realize there was someone in the middle of these two gentlemen at first glance. It’s safe to say they did a pretty good job of “unfriending” here!

19th century group photo with one's woman's face scratched out

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

I guess whoever did the honors of erasing this person from their life was very adamant about it. Their face is very crossed out!

photo of two schoolgirls, one with her face marked over with blue pen

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

Safe to say this was not a “best friends forever” moment.

vintage photo of two women leaving a wedding or event, one with her face out out of the picture

Unfriending people / The Mind Circle

There’s nothing worse than looking back on photos from one of the most important days of your life and you see this.

Have you ever “unfriended” someone like this in years past?

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