These Watches Don’t Work, But They Sure Are Beautiful

For those who collect pocket watches the following might be a little hard to withstand. An artist in Cypress, Greece, is taking miniatures to a whole new level and he’s making them inside of old watches (among other things). Gregory Grozos has been filling wrist watches and pocket watches, as well as other small cases, with tiny scenes of other worlds. The results are breath taking.

Of his creations Grozos has said: “A few years ago I had the idea of making an entire tiny world which a person can carry on him or her. I then started developing ways to do exactly that. My work is very painstaking and most pieces take days or even weeks to complete.”

We can’t help but be reminded of the original Polly Pocket, which was marketed for little girls to carry around a whole other world in their pockets (that is, before they were discontinued only to be relaunched 2o years later in much larger sizes). But, clearly this concept is beloved around the world and the next market is clearly adults who crave the same thing.

Grozos has made scenes inside pocket watches, but also creates mind-bogglingly small scenes inside wrist watches, creating whole universes inside just a few centimeters of space.

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My latest miniature world, this time made inside an old clock case. This is a factory of diamonds: rocks are being fed by workers to the complex machinery in order to go through various stages of processing, be refined and become diamonds. Made mainly from clock and watch parts as well as various other metal bits and parts. Enjoy! View more of my work by visiting my Facebook page or Etsy shop: #miniature #art #sculpture #fantasy #gears #cogs #steampunk #clock #watchparts #industrial #inventor #miniatureart #steampunkjewelry #factory #micro #mechanical #miniaturefigure #GregoryGrozos #miniatureworld #diamond #alchemy

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The scenes can include figures, books, oceans, or anything else that catches the fancy of the artist. Larger scenes can be made inside of a picture frame, jewelry case, or a larger alarm clock, but are still incredibly small and incredibly detailed.

Grozos isn’t the only artist to be making a living designing and making miniature scenes. The trend for everything tiny has been a growing one, marking a move away from art as a big, impressive statement and more towards a very personal connection to something that fits easily in your hand.

Grozos’ Instagram account can be found right here if you’d like to keep passing through the tiny worlds that he creates.

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