Time Capsule Chateau of the French Revolution Up for Sale

The Château du Bouilh in Gironde, France, has a long history- much of which is preserved stunningly well. The interiors display a world of wealth from another era, largely untouched by time. The mansion had been offering tours, along with wine tasting in the extensive vineyards. However, this time capsule gem is now going up for sale- with all the antiques and artwork included in the lot!

The property comes with 70 hectares of land, 45 of which are vineyards. The oldest parts of the chateau were built in the 1500s, with substantial buildings added in the 1700s. From the angle above the chateau looks a bit modest. From other viewpoints it’s obvious that this sprawling mansion was built with incredible care and attention to the fashions of the era.

The addition was designed by renowned architect, Victor Louis, after a visit from the king to the then-owner, aristocrat Jean-Frédéric de La Tour du Pin. The king complained that a great manor should welcome a king, which promtped Jean-Frédéric to build this enormous addition.

The curved building contains dozens of rooms in a breathtaking display of wealth. Buildings which take this much wealth to maintain, however, are fast becoming burdens for those who own them. This is the case with the current owners, despite efforts to capitalize on the tourism aspect of the property.

The property is being sold through Leggett Immobilier for the sum €7M, which is a good deal when you consider all the antiques that come with the building. Louis XVI style furniture in pristine condition, tapestries, silk curtains, artwork, and fixtures that date back centuries are just some of the treasures that come with the chateau itself.

Have a look at this stunning French estate, possibly one of the most spectacular time capsules from the era of the French Revolution, in the video below.

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