9 Things We All Heard Our Moms Say At Some Point

It was a different time entirely. We played outside all day and rode our bikes without helmets. Lunch in the summer was a glass of milk and a pimento cheese sandwich on white bread. Mom’s house was ruled by common sense and was about ten times cleaner than yours would ever be! And, for the love of all that is good, you did not interrupt her favorite TV show. Here are a few of our favorite Mom quotes just in time for Mother’s Day.

1) I’ll tan your hide.

These were sobering words.

2) Go play outside and don’t come back til the sun goes down.

This was heard on any remotely warm day we were off school. I can remember watching the sun set before coming back in to the house all covered in grass stains.

3) He’s more afraid of you than you are of him.

This was said whenever I freaked out over a bug or spider!

4) If you don’t stop that noise I’ll knock your heads together.

And, I think she did a few times, too!

5) If that cat scratches you it’ll be your own fault.

Oh, if only I’d listened to her!

6) You keep playing like that and somebody’s going to lose an eye!

Too many times to count did we hear this. I never did lose an eye, but it might have been only by sheer luck!

7) Stand on this chair so I can pin your skirt/dress/trousers.

The number of alterations and custom clothes she made for me I wouldn’t even be able to count. The dresses, pants, costumes, alterations, the list is a mile long. Thanks, Mom!

8) There’s no point crying over spilled milk.

Wasting food or losing your snack on the ground were unfortunate events, but she always had a way of letting you know it was ok.

9) I love you!

This is the one we remember the most. For every scraped knee and bedtime story and for all the times you did cry over the spilled milk anyways and she said, “I love you.” I don’t think this one ever went out of style! Heck, I hear moms still use this one today. And here’s a great to let the moms in your life love know that you love them, too!

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