20 Things Only People Born Before The Year 2000 Will Remember

If you were born before the year 2000, your childhood most likely consisted of McDonald’s play areas, giving mix CDs to your girlfriend, and renting movies from Blockbusters. These 20 things will make you feel nostalgic about your childhood:

1. Buring CDs for your girlfriend.

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2. The original Gameboy

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3. This was the best day at school.

4. Today’s kids will never know the pain of trying to find the perfect WordArt font.

5. Nobody ever really knew how to play this game.

6. Creating book covers each year was so much fun!

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7. Once you lost one of these pieces, the pen was essentially useless.

8. The PlayStation 1.

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9. If you didn’t wear No Fear, you weren’t cool.

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10. The original iTunes.

11. If you had a T.V. with a built-in VCR you were LIVING.

12. Estimated wait times for logging onto the internet.

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13. The Netflix generation will never know the feeling when you find the perfect Friday night movie.

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14. When you left your Tamagotchi at home and it died.

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15. This was how cooties were dealt with back in the day.

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16. Windows screensavers were so fun, we used to just sit and watch them for hours.

17. As soon as these erasers touched the paper, they would shred it to smithereens.

18. Before Wikipedia existed, this is how information was looked up.

19. Pizza Hut drinking glasses.

20. Cleaning a mouse was a pain, but that ball inside was so cool!

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