If You Ever Slow Danced to This Song Then You’ll Know Why We Love It So Much!

In 1955 a smooth coed group was taking the airwaves by storm and they’re still one of the most recognizable and melodious groups of the era. The Platters got their start in 1952 and cranked out numerous hits over the decade, all of which brought the doo-wop sound into the homes of middle America. Soon, everywhere from dances to carpark dates featured these lovely crooners.

Perhaps the group’s biggest hit was “Only You (And You Alone)” in 1955. With just enough rhythm to be hip and just enough sweet sentimentality to make the song an instant success, the song jumped to the Top Ten and stayed there for quite some time. Often shortened to “Only You” this hit featured prominently in the culture of the 1950s, including a scene from the 1956 film Rock Around the Clock. Hear this song again in the clip below and be prepared for a dreamy trip down memory lane.

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