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Do You Remember The Diamonds and This 1957 Hit?

The Diamonds had a Top Ten hit in 1957 with “The Stroll,” a song written for them especially and inspired by Dick Clark. The song (and dance) had their fair share of time in the spotlight and were a pretty original offering. But, for the most part, this doo wop group covered the hits that other groups had already sung, while still maintaining their charming and unique sound.

Maurice Williams, of the African American group Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, had written and recorded “Little Darlin'” in 1956 (under the name The Gladiolas as they were known back then). But, “Little Darlin'” had failed to really wow white audiences despite reaching #11 on the R & B charts that year. Covered by The Diamonds just one year later, however, the tune was a huge hit and charted well. Have a listen to The Diamonds performing this song on The Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show in early 1959.

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