Husband-And-Wife In Texas Are Now The Oldest Living Couple In The World

We live in a world where many people don’t stay married for long, but in Austin, Texas, there is one couple who is bringing up the curve. Combined, they have an age of 211 years and according to Guinness World Records, they are the oldest living couple in the world.

John Henderson is 106 years old and Charlotte, his wife, is 105.

They have a love story that is just as interesting as the title they hold. They have been married for 80 years as of December 15.

Photo: CNN

It was 1934 when Charlotte was studying to become a teacher at the University of Texas. John was a guard for the football team and they met in class.

They were married during the Great Depression in 1939 and their honeymoon hotel was only seven dollars.

Not only is John part of the oldest married couple, but he is also the oldest former UT football player still alive. He has an annual tradition that he has held for the past 84 years of attending at least one Longhorn football game.

Photo: CNN

Both John and Charlotte still enjoy a measure of health and John exercises daily. They moved to a senior living community, the Longhorn Village 10 years ago. That community is part of a University of Texas alumni group.

I’m sure you are curious about the secret to a long life and a happy marriage.

John sums things up by saying we should live in moderation and be cordial to your spouse.

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