In Need Of A Pick-Me-Up? Listen To This Classic Song From 1964!

When you think of the music from the ’60s, which bands come to mind? For most people, The Supremes won’t be very far down on the list — in fact, they could be on the top, and for good reason. Founded in 1959, the Supremes were arguably the most successful act to come out of Motown. Throughout their career, the group had 12 different number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, but the song that started it all is still our all-time favorite. Of course we’re talking about “Where Did Our Love Go,” which was recently selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry in 2016 due to its cultural, historic, and artistic significance. Check out the live performance below to see just how timeless this classic hit is. The vocals, the choreographed dance moves, the stage presence… it just doesn’t get better. See for yourself, and if you’re looking for more great classic music, check out our compilation of The Ten Most Essential Albums Of The ’60s. You can bet that The Supremes have a spot on that list!

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