6 Foods We Just Can’t Believe Were Ever Real

Just a quick look at any vintage or antique recipe book and it will become obvious just much foods have changed over the years. We wouldn’t expect to be eating the exact same things our grandparents ate because tastes change, as do crops, dietary trends, and food packaging. But, sometimes we are are hit with a recipe which sounds so utterly bizarre that it’s hard to imagine that just 100 years ago, or even 50, people would have found them to be totally normal. Have a look at some of these dishes with us today!

Rum Omelette

It sounds strange, but the concept is really quite simple. Make an omelette, preferably with sugar in it, then set is set alight using flaming rum from a spoon or cup.

Foods We Cannot Believe Were Ever Real

1901 menu from Stevens House Restaurant in NYC. Via/ NYPL

Vienna Sausage Shortcake

It’s called a shortcake, but this recipe actually uses cornbread. Still, the thought of cornbread and Vienna sausages dripping with cream of chickejn soup isn’t exactly mouth-watering to most of us today. Get the recipe here if you dare.

Foods We Cannot Believe Were Ever Real


Grapefruit with Sherry

We’ve heard of broiled grapefruit, so this one doesn’t seem too crazy. But, adding sherry to dishes was once far more common than it is today. Despite the fact that we never have sherry for breakfast and rarely have grapefruit for dessert, this microwave version doesn’t sound bad at all!

Foods We Cannot Believe Were Ever Real

Via/ Flickr

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