“Step By Step” Is One of the Best Doo-Wop Songs, But It’s Not From the 1950s

“Step by Step” is one of those songs that has been described as an instant classic. It was first recorded in 1960 by The Crests, most noted for their many contributions to American pop and doo-wop music, like the song “Sixteen Candles”. The group was one of the first racially mixed acts of the era, with one Puerto Rican member, one Italian-American member, and various black members, for a time including the sister of Luther Vandross (Patricia Vandross). During this era of the group the lead singer was Johnny Mastrangelo, later to be known as Johnny Maestro.

“Step By Step” was written by Billy Dawn Smith and Ollie Jones and reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1960. This wholesome love story is told from the perspective of two young lovers walking home together. They sure don’t make music like this anymore! Have a listen to this amazing song from The Crests in the video below.

The original Stroll as performed in 1958: Click “Next Page” below!

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