This Fascinating Clip Shows How Dolls Were Made In The 1960s

When you were a kid did you ever look at the rows and rows of curly hair on your baby doll and wonder how they got there? Did you ever wonder how her tiny lips and eyelashes were painted on so perfectly? Or, perhaps you spent time eyeing the details of her tiny clothing and the delicate stitches along the hem of her dress. But, it’s a long road to get to the perfect baby doll. You have to start from the raw materials and not every aspect of it is pretty. Prepare yourself to see inside a baby doll factory in the 1960s. It’s so cool to watch them being made, but it’s a little like a tour of the sausage factory. What a fun field trip this would have been as a child, though! Watch this fun clip to see hoe the dollies really got made!

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