Sleeping Beauty Line of Vintage-Inspired Cosmetics to Be Released

The charm of vintage Disney films has inspired many a costume and outfit over the years. The iconic red, yellow, and blue of Snow White and the icey blues of Cinderella have delighted fans for decades. Now, a vintage-inspired makeup company has paired with Disney on a range of cosmetics inspired by the 1959 animated film, Sleeping Beauty. In September of 2019 Bésame Cosmetics released their new range which includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, a highlighter/blush set, and a metal vanity mirror.

The owner of Bésame, Gabriela Hernandez, has been making vintage style makeup since 2004. For this Sleeping Beauty collaboration Hernandes was granted access to the Disney archives in order to study the colors of the original animation cells and the artifacts behind the making of the film. As such, the gold vanity mirror in the new line is inspired by the dress and castle of Princess Aurora. This type of mirror was something that was once in every woman’s arsenal of beauty products, often with a matching comb or brush and always stashed on the vanity.

The blue lipstick in the range starts out looking like the wrong shade, but turns pink with the pH of your skin. Some may remember Tangee lipstick or one of several other vintage makers of color-changing lipsticks. So this is a throwback on many levels which comes in the company’s signature vintage packaging. The lipstick tubes come in either classic gold with lovely burgundy lettering or an all-pink design which offsets the blue tone perfectly.

Other touches, like a Sleeping Beauty book locket and en eyeshadow palette with accurate colors (and their matching code names from the Disney workshop) also add to the charm. For those who love vintage style and also Disney, this combination is a win-win.

Have a look at what Hernandez has to say about the Bésame “Sleeping Beauty 1959 Collection” in the video below.

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