There Was A Rumor That Shirley Temple Wasn’t A Child Actor, But Was Actually A Dwarf

What Did People Say Was Evidence?

In the movies, Temple never lost her baby teeth. She always had a full smile. It wasn’t because she wasn’t losing her baby teeth. The studio made her wear dental caps to fill in missing areas. When Temple and her parents found out about the rumor, they couldn’t believe people actually thought that.

At one point, the Vatican actually investigated the rumor. Can you believe that?

Temple also reflects in her autobiography saying that people would tug on her curls to see if they were real or fake! She admits a wig may have been better. Her hair ritual was intense and time-consuming.

By the 1940s, she grew up and became a teen. She lost some of that innocence that made her a star. She retired in her early 20s. Her last movie was in 1949, but she did go on to have her own show called Shirley Temple’s Storybook from 1958-1961. She died in 2014 when she was 85 years old. We still really miss her!

Do you remember watching Shirley Temple movies? Wasn’t she the cutest? Did you ever think she might be a dwarf?

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