Budget-Savvy Seniors Are Downsizing To Tiny Homes So They Can Retire Off The Grid

Forget about drooling over pudding in assisted living facilities, today’s modern seniors are choosing to spend their golden years of retirement in tiny homes. In the current economy, tiny homes are becoming a popular alternative to the housing crisis amongst people of all ages. But they seem to be increasing in popularity amongst the senior crowd. In fact, back in 2015, a survey found that 30% of those residing in a tiny home were aged between 51 and 70 years old. This means that senior citizens are a major portion that makes up the tiny home movement. This has resulted in more companies specializing in making the tiny residences more senior-friendly – coming equipped with all the comforts that this demographic needs.

Back in 2013, then 72-year-old Bette Presley made the decision to downsize her home. Instead of choosing an RV, she decided to invest in a tiny home with all the comforts of home but made it mobile with wheels so she could travel around the country in it. Another upside to her 166-square-foot cabin is that it also allows her to live off the grid, thanks to solar panels.

Another senior, Shirley Louiselle, bought her home more with downsizing in mind, rather than mobility. Shirley didn’t feel she needed so much space, so she went with a 240-square-foot tiny home – which was built for her by her grandson. Her tiny home was the inspiration for his business Next Door Housing. The company specializes in tiny homes but incorporates senior-friendly accommodations, such as low countertops and cupboards, as well as wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

Other companies such as MEDCottage have found a market for their homes by directing their designs as assisted living alternatives. Their designs have come to be known as “granny pods,” and come installed with smart systems, which serve as reminders for seniors to take their medications. These unique “granny pods” can either be bought and turned into mobile-friendly homes or simple stationary tiny homes that are installed on a land plot.

While many seniors are enjoying their tiny homes as a residential retirement move, there are some seniors that have to invest in tiny homes as a business move instead. The Sausage Nonnas are a mobile group made up of three Italian grandmothers who travel around the country in their tiny homes in order to cook meals for an event known as Sausage Sundays.

For those seniors that are choosing tiny homes over RVs or assisted living facilities, there are many perks. This model built by Tumbleweed Houses even comes custom-fitted with a hot tub and covered porch. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for retirement.

Below you can watch a video with Shirley Louiselle discussing the tiny house built by her grandson, and how it sparked his business idea:

What do you think of tiny homes? Would you choose to live in one when you retire? Would you live in one before retiring?

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