Old Fashioned Rube Goldberg Machines Made Entirely from Wood!

Craftsman and artist Larry Marley creates machines that could be from the wunderkammer of a 17th century collector. The hand hewn Rube Goldberg machines made from wood are simply incredible to behold. They perfectly combine mechanics, art, and history into irresistible toy-like sculptures.

The craftsmanship that goes into the planning of each component is mind boggling. The wooden gears, cranks, funnels, and chutes all function so perfectly together – works of art and science in one!

These are the kinds of machines that we don’t often see today, but they are so amazing to watch in action. Marley calls them kinetic sculptures and admits that he loves seeing the look of childish wonder on people’s faces as they look at his machines in motion. Have a peek at Marley’s creations in the video below.

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