10 Quirky ’60s Fashions We Miss

From the outlandish to the innocent, the ’60s were a unique period in fashion history for the many fads and styles that passed through the decade. We went from the more conservative fashions of the ’50s into the anything goes clothing of the ’70s, blending new and old in interesting ways.

5) Color Block Clothing

Mod clothes, while controversial at the time, were fashion forward and were an entirely new way of expressing one’s fashion sense.

4) Capes

Even before the free wheeling hippie fashions of the late ’60s brought lavish capes into fashion, more classic incarnations of the garment were worn in patterns like plaid and tweed. Below Eartha Kitt models a matching plaid cape and dress in 1962.

Via/ Flickr

3) Large Diamond Patterns

The graphic patterns that became huge in the ’60s and ’70s could be very large scale. This trend was also popular in home decor. Who else remembers diamond pattern naugahyde upholstery?

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2) Tent Dresses

These roomy dresses were often cut like a triangle and were seldom flattering, but they were oh so comfortable! Below is a lovely matched set for the beach with 3D embroidery.

1) Knee High Socks

Seems like everyone back then was wearing all kinds of knee socks in a variety of patterns and colors to show off their flats and mary janes.

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