These Collectors REALLY Like Pyrex and They Aren’t Afraid to Show It

Do you love Pyrex? Does your collection grow each time you visit the flea market? Well, for a increasing number of folks the answer to an extreme love of Pyrex is to get the famed designs tattooed on their bodies. Certainly not every collector can make such a big commitment, but it’s hard to deny that that the patterns printed on the bowls and casserole dishes certainly are very appealing! Have a look at some of these Pyrex tattoos and see what you think.

While many vintage collectors absolutely love Pyrex, those who choose Pyrex tattoos report a strong feeling of connection to family members. Motivated by family bonds, they say that the tattoos remind them of their grandparents. The ink also reminds them of all the fun they’ve had collecting the treasured glass pieces.

Some folks have even gotten matching Pyrex tattoos with their spouse.

While most Pyrex collectors are mad over the patterns, they don’t usually get them emblazoned on their skin. But, the trend for Pyrex tattoos is now gaining some momentum. A quick look through Instagram for the tag #pyrextattoo yields a ton of proud Pyrex tattoo-havers.

The clear-cut designs are perfect to replicate on arms and legs since they were designed to wrap around bowls and dishes. And it’s not just the patterns, but also the pieces themselves that make the cut. Stacks of bowls adorn people’s arms, as well as casserole dishes and more.

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Do you collect vintage Pyrex? Would you consider a Pyrex tattoo? Would you ever get a tattoo of something else in your collection?

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