This 129,900-Dollar House Has A Million-Dollar Secret!

From the outside, this house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, might seem like an ordinary home. Take a step inside, however, and you’ll notice something incredible: a 2,300-piece pipe organ! Taking up more than one-third of the house, this pipe organ was the dream of the former owner of the house, Bill Tufts. Tufts, who recently passed away, left the house to his friends and installers of the organ, Don Haan and Guy Vander Wagen. Though Tufts couldn’t play the organ himself, he loved the instrument so much that he had to have it around him. The organ took more than 5 years to install, and is valued at more than $1 million! While this story is actually from last year, we found an update that the house had been purchased for an undisclosed amount to a music lover from Seattle (you can read more about it here).

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