The Pink Lady of Hollywood Makes Pink Look So Effortlessly Glamorous!

Hollywood local Kitten Kay Sera has been a collector of all things pink since she was about 20 years old. What makes her clothes and home so special though is that it’s all pink. Above and beyond the regular pink enthusiasts among us, Sera collects pink phones, wallpaper, clothes, shoes, furniture, and anything else she can get her hands on!

Sera even dyes her dog’s fur pink with (vet-approved) beet juice. Her love of pink has earned her and her dog a bit of fame. Sera has since been contracted to do commercials in what she says is “making the pink pay.” Oh, and did we mention that pink is the only color she wears?

What we love most of all are the vintage and retro touches around her home! Have a look in the video below. And, if you loved this then click the “Next Page” button at the bottom of the page for a look back at the pink bathrooms we remember so fondly!

Whizzco for GOD