70 Years Ago, His Dad Buried This Time Capsule. Now Watch As He Opens It!

In 1945, Leon Taylor was just 20 years old; and while 70 years is a long time, he still remembers one day in particular. It was August 15, 1945, commonly known as Victory over Japan Day (the day the Japanese surrendered and, in effect, ended WWII). Taylor’s dad decided to commemorate the day by collecting and stashing away some of local newspapers, some ration stamps, and some hand-written notes. Contained in a jar hidden inside a fireplace, the time capsule remained intact until earlier this year when Taylor decided to finally open it up! Cameras were there to catch this amazing moment, and it’s really quite sweet to see the rush of memories that Taylor experiences. Get a closer look in the news clip below, and find out what he intends to do with the contents of the time capsule!

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