The Appraisal of a Lifetime- “As Shirley Temple Would Say: ‘Oh My Goodness'”

The experts at Antiques Roadshow get to see some of the best items ever created by man on a daily basis, from native pottery to Federal furniture to exquisite clothing. But, it’s certainly not everyday that a member of the public gets an appraisal that really knocks their socks off. When one women brings in the stunning vintage bracelet and ring that a friend left in her will, this shocked patron says the first thing that comes to mind: “As Shirley Temple would say, ‘Oh my goodness'” You won’t believe what the final value is given as!

From the New Orleans episode, watch the video below to see how one woman truly gets the surprise of a lifetime with her Antiques Roadshow expert evaluation from Kevin Zavian on these two items. What would you do with pieces like these- keep or sell?

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