Man Scans Incredible “Tourist” Photos of Mid-century Paris as Loving Tribute to His Grandfather

There’s a certain feeling that old photographs give us, especially when they capture a time or place perfectly. That’s how we feel about color photos from the 1950s-60s. The way the film colors and the fashion of the day merge makes for a very unique look which we can all find in our own family photo albums.

One talented amateur photographer of the era, Les Anderson, was snapping photos all around the world at the time. He captured street scenes and landmarks, ladies in New Look dresses and chaps smoking pipes on the streets of Paris. Anderson’s grandson, Nathan, scanned and generously shared these special images on the photo-sharing site, Unsplash, and we can’t get enough. This is pure vintage Paris street style at its very finest from one of the classiest eras of all time.

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