Our Favorite Summer Pastimes!

We remember when there were a few all-important summer activities we longed for each year. It just didn’t feel like summer if you didn’t get to do these things! Getting muddy, running around like crazy, and going to parks with family were a few mandatory recreations that you just did every single summer. Things may have changed somewhat, but we all know that most kids will still wreck their clothes if given half a chance! That, at least, has stayed the same. Read on to see our summer essentials list!

9) Roaming the Neighborhood

This is one that kids would never be allowed to do today. But, back then, we used to roam wherever our feet or our pedals could take us. There’s no feeling like being free, even if you know you have to go inside at some point. Traveling from creek to house to corner store, there really isn’t a replacement for this kind of fun!

8) Catching Bugs

Lady Bug on Jar Rim

Via/ Flickr

Whether it was lady bugs, worms, lightening bugs, or any other creepy crawly, catching bugs was always one of the most fun things about summer! Today, they make jars with pre-punched holes in the lid for the bugs to breathe and they also make faux butterflies in jars that operate on batteries! For us, though, we had to learn the hard way that they need air and that you can’t squeeze them too hard. How many summer evenings were spent waiting for the sun to go down to catch those gorgeous fireflies?

7) Church Picnic

There was nothing quite like the church summer picnic. Sure, we had other summertime fairs and celebrations, but none seemed to be quite as much fun. The carnival and county fairs were big and there was so much to see. But, at the church picnic you knew everybody, you could take your time to see the games and quilts and raffles, and your folks would always be working a booth or two!

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