8 Beloved Toys From The ’60s: Did Your Favorite Make Our List?

Every now and then it’s nice to look back on the things we cherished as kids. When it comes to the 1960’s, there were a few toys that we absolutely had to have. While they might not have been as fancy or as flashy as today’s toys, we loved them nonetheless! So take a trip down memory lane with us and check out eight of our favorites below. Hopefully they’ll bring back as many good memories for you as they did for us!

G.I. Joe Figurines

The ’60s were all about action for little boys, and G.I. Joe was at the center of play. Whether you preferred the action marine, sailor, pilot or soldier, you were in command with these toys by your side.

Chatty Cathy Doll

Chatty Cathy was a little girl’s best friend in the ’60s. Her silky, blond hair was perfectly styled and combed and her movable arms, legs and head made her appear life-like as she repeated random phrases.

Satellite Jumping Shoes

Even though the ’60s technology feels light-years behind that of current day, the satellite jumping shoes made us feel like we could land on the moon! The dual springs bounced like a trampoline and sent us soaring down the streets with a smile that was out of this world.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

You can’t remember the ’60s without the image of playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with your siblings or neighborhood friends. These futuristic robots threw punches to the left and the right while players tried to avoid a punch to the chin that sent the head flying.


One toy that has stood the test of time is Play-Doh. The ’60s brought about a love for the colored clay that still entertains kids today.


We said goodbye to pencil and paper in the ’60s and traded up for a Sketch-O-Matic. This plastic toy provided hours of entertainment as we drew stick figures on what seemed like a new-age computer.


Wooden Top

It was back to the basics for kids who spent hours playing with a wooden top. All you needed was two quarters, a hard surface and this toy was yours to spin for days.

From: Youtube / Pawn Stars

From: Youtube / Pawn Stars

Chemistry Set

While most of the chemicals were harmless, these sets did contain a few that you definitely wouldn’t see on shelves these days, including potassium permanganate —a poisonous and highly-flammable substance — and ammonium nitrate!

Did we forget your favorite toy? Let us know in the comments below!

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