Browse Loads of Swoon-worthy Old Homes for Sale on This Site

There’s something about old houses that just feels so welcoming. The little details all around the home, even on the outside, make them special places. Skilled craftsman put in many long hours of painstaking work to make gingerbread for front porches, hand-carved mirrors for dining rooms, and lay beautiful tiles in bathrooms and on fireplace mantles. This kind of work has long been out of fashion for new homes, but in an old house you can see all that work come to life. If you love the feel of old houses then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

There is now a website that lets you search for historic homes for sale and here’s the best part: you can search by either style or location (as well as by price). Let’s have a look.

If you’re in the market for an older home then the site Old House Dreams might be just the ticket for you. The page has images of the homes for sale and links to their respective real estate listings, as well as some pretty wonderful remarks on what is still original to the homes. You can search by style, which makes this a really useful tool if you want to look at specific types of homes, like log cabins or Craftsman homes.

Some of the styles on the site include folk Victorian, Gothic, Greek Revival, Italianate, Prairie, Georgian, Federal, and Tudor Revival just to name a few. Old House Dreams even has a lovely section for more modern Mid-century houses, too. Details like leaded glass, original door hardware, and oak woodwork are often specified in the listings, which are lovely elements that so often get changed out for newer (and some would say less attractive) fixtures.

The homes can be searched by U.S. state and the site also features international listings. There’s a link to search for historic homes for sale in Europe by location, century of construction, or style. There is everything from chateaus to thatched roof cottages to genuine Tudor homes listed there!

Since homes can be searched by region, this could be super helpful if you need to move out of your current area and are looking for a truly special old home to live in. But, the site’s creator, Kelly, writes that it’s not a real estate site at all- just a place for people who adore old homes to indulge their fancies for the old styles of architecture.

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