Remember When Barber Shops Looked Like This?

A lot has changed over the years and this is very much true at the barber shop. They are getting fewer and farther between, but these anchors of the community were once paramount not only to getting a decent haircut, but to staying connected with the people around you. If you can remember all the way back when haircuts cost less than a dollar then scroll down for some wonderful barbershop memories from decades past.

Herrin, Illinois, 1939. Via/ Library of Congress

10 cent shave, New York City, New York, 1935. Via/ Flickr

Washington, D.C., Senate Barber Shop, 1936. Via/ Library of Congress

Southside Chicago barbershop, 1941. Via/ Library of Congress

Tallahassee, Floria, 1942. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Oakridge, Tennessee, 1943. Via/ Flickr

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