Behold, The Bold And Bizarre Novelty Earrings Of The 1950s!

In the 1950s, glamour, novelty and color were all the rage when it came to jewelry…earrings in particular.

Vintage Fashions has brought us another great look at fashion and lifestyle in the good old days with this clip about novelty earrings.

The model, Miss Carol Archer, tries on a variety of earrings.

Some of the sets are quite extravagant, while others are….let’s just say interesting (a cuckoo clock)!

Today it seems that a lot of the fashion trends are repeating themselves from the past.

Not all of them of course but some that you never thought would come back are in fact back.

Let’s be honest some fashion trends should have never started and those will not be seen in this clip. But what is back would include jewelry and jewelry designs.

Take a look and let us know, which pair is your favorite?

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