Park Employees Were Shocked To Find This Leaning Against A Tree For More Than 130 Years!

People find old things that were left out every once in a while, but sometimes those old items turn out to be incredibly history or worth a lot of money.

This time, some lucky park employees stumbled across something that no one had noticed for more than a century.

Employees of Nevada’s Great Basin National Park made quite the discovery when they found a Winchester 1873 leaning up against a tree in a remote part of the park. Over the years the rifle had become rusted and weathered into the same colors of the juniper tree that it was leaning against, creating a natural camouflage!

Archaeologists believe that the rifle dates back to 1882; 132 years old! The factory records obscure the rifle’s original owner, so we’re still unsure of where this gun came from; but it makes for quite an interesting, mysterious story.

Check out the video below to learn more about this incredible discovery!

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