Mystery WWII Time Capsule Army Trunk Hasn’t Been Opened in Decades

It’s not everyday that people come across time capsules which haven’t been opened in more than 70 years. So, it makes this trunk from World War II a truly amazing find. Antique dealer Alex Archbold bought the trunk without even opening it up beforehand and paid a pretty penny for it, too. $1,000 was handed over for this trunk and what’s inside proves to be well worth it.

Inside the trunk Archbold and his family find original wartime soldiers artwork, newspapers from V-J Day, and a seemingly endless amount of training booklets and instructional materials from the Canadian armed forces. Archbold estimates that this trunk was easily worth more than the purchase price, but that the history inside is actually worth a lot more. Nothing inside this army trunk was dated later than 1946!

Watch the video below to see inside this piece of history.

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