100 Years Of Polish Fashion Shows Striking History In A Creative Way

We love a good “century of fashion” or a “100 years of hair” video. These fun videos sometimes take into account the social context of what else is going on at the time, but often times they do not. Polish fashion historian and author, Karolina Żebrowska, has created a singular video on the subject which addresses the troubled and complex history of Poland over the past 100 years, while also showing the fashion. Żebrowska is a YouTuber and makes weekly videos on vintage hair, fashion, and beauty in addition to writing about the topic of fashion history. Some of her most popular videos are in the Get Ready With Me genre, with Żebrowska getting dolled up in historical clothing while discussing her personal life and history.

Most notable in this particular video are the hairstyles and the sound effects, both of which add a certain of-the-era quality to each decade that she covers. Have a look at this stunning and heartbreaking 100 years of Polish fashion video below. Warning: it might bring a tear to your eye.

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