The Moulin Rouge “Fartiste” You’ve Almost Certainly Never Heard Of

From showgirls showing their knickers to exotic belly dancing and racy songs about lust, turn of the century Moulin Rouge performers were known for pushing the envelope and giving audiences are new experience: cabaret. The edgy performances sealed the venue’s fate and gave the windmill club a world famous reputation which drew in audiences from around the globe.

While music and dancing were two of the main types of performances, there were other acts which made it to the stage, some of which were quite unique. Enter one Joseph Pujol, who could control his bowels in an exacting and musical way. After performing at the Moulin Rouge, Pujol became the world’s leading fartiste, a new genre of performer who took his spectacular flatulence to the next level of showmanship. Have a look at this unusual performer in the video below.

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