These Hoosier Cabinets Are Giving Us Major Kitchen Envy

Since it was first sold in 1899 the Hoosier cabinet has been making kitchens more beautiful and functional. While most people today would be lost in a sea of dishes without their standard kitchen cabinets, for generations past the Hoosier cabinet was the storage solution and workhorse of the most domestic room in the home.

As much as we love the history of these innovative cabinets, we also love to see when they are put to good use today. We’ve gathered together some wonderful photos of Hoosier cabinets still in use today and we’ve got to say: they are giving us major kitchen envy!

We love that this Hoosier cabinet has all the trimmings and accessories, but check out that Pyrex collection! Via/ Facebook

There’s nothing quite like seeing a lovely Hoosier cabinet being put to good use in a kitchen or even as a display piece in the dining room. We can’t get enough of this timeless look! And for those who grew up with a Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen these images bring back a lot of good memories.

What a coffee station! Via/ Facebook

The antique kerosene lamp, waffle iron, and butter churn all seem quite at home on this old Hoosier cabinet. Via/ Facebook

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