These Coca-Cola Paintings By Norman Rockwell Have Been Missing For 80 Years!

From 1928 to 1935, Coca Cola commissioned Norman Rockwell to create six original works of art for their product. After shipping the original oil paintings off to a printing company to be turned into ads, the company only received one of them back; the other five had somehow gone missing! In the past few years, Coca Cola has been able to recover two more paintings, but now they’re turning to you for help finding the remaining art. The following three paintings are (hopefully) still out there somewhere and helping Coca Cola find them could lead to quite the reward!

“Office Boy – 4 p.m. – The Pause That Refreshes,” created in 1930.

“The Old Oaken Bucket,” Created in 1932.

From: Coca Cola Company
From: Coca Cola Company

“Wholesome Refreshment,” – Created in 1928.

You can find out more about the missing Coca Cola ads, including who to contact if you have any information, here.

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