Lawrence Welk’s Response When Asked Whether His Music Is “Corny” is Priceless

By the 1970s Lawrence Welk had already been on TV for 20 years, but much longer on radio and film. It’s always interesting to hear two legends banter back and forth and certainly you can see the respect that Johnny Carson has for Welk in the clip from The Tonight Show from 1974. Carson asks Welk about the fact that some people call his music “corny” and Welk has the best response ever: “You know, no one ever called me ‘corny'” with a huge grin on his face. You have to hand it to the man – he had a really great sense of humor about the whole thing.

Another great story from this interview is how exactly Walk’s music became associated with champagne bubbles. When Welk and his band got so many letters stating that their unusual music reminded the fans of champagne, it gave him an idea! Have a look at this incredible clip in the video below.

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