Remember When Ladies Dressed So Beautifully?

There was a time when women dressed to perfection whenever possible. Sometimes this meant sacrificing some comfort, but most ladies wouldn’t have step foot outside the house in anything less than perfection. From the lost tradition of wearing gloves to the elegant sets they wore, here are 15 elements of ladies fashion from decades ago that we miss today.

15) Playsuits

Back in the 1940s-50s women often wore playsuits in the warmer months. They were a fun way to stay cool and often the top matched the skirt or shorts.

14) Classy Slacks

Tight pants would never have been considered back then. Women didn’t often wear pants, preferring to wear dresses or skirts most of the time. But, when they did the slacks were often flowy and made of fine material.

13) Elegant Collars

You don’t often see them these days, but lace collars or cut out collar designs were once quite the fashion statement.

12) Bolero Shrugs

The perfect compliment to a New Look dress, the bolero jacket or shrug continuned to be popular into the 1960s.

11) Pencil Skirts

Not too short and not too long, pencil skirts were a common piece of clothing for women in the 1950s.

10) Mother-Daughter Outfits

Time was that mothers would buy or make matching outfits for their daughters and themselves. It’s such a cute idea!

9) Slingback Heels

The slingback has never entirely gone out of fashion, but the older styles just seem so much glamorous than what is often found in shoe stores these days.

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