We Can’t Enough of Johnny Mathis at Christmas Time!

In December of 1974, Johnny Mathis made a special appearance on The Tonight Show to sing one of the most beloved Christmas songs of the 20th century. Hearing this again is like sitting around the tree listening to his 1962 Merry Christmas album with the family again. 12 years after its release, Johnny Mathis sounds as pitch perfect as ever and delivers a smooth rendition of one of our favorite Christmas tunes of all time.

Written in 1945 by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells, “The Christmas Song” quickly became an American treasure when it was first recorded by Nat King Cole. Since then, Johnny Mathis’ version has become just as popular. We can’t enough of this wonderful carol! It just really feels like the holidays when you hear this song. And, Johnny Mathis’ version is one of the best. Watch the video below and enjoy the Christmas season!

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