She Had an Unforgettable Voice and Her Legacy Lives On!

Her voice was simply mesmerizing and her style would change the course of fashion. Her historic White House tour in 1962 was one of the first of its kind. Though she was a glamorous style icon with her strands of pearls and her large bouffant hair, Jackie Kennedy was seriously dedicated to preserving and restoring the history of the White House through its decor and furniture. The nearly-complete restoration was the perfect chance to give a televised tour and a record 56 million viewers (though CBS reports higher) tuned their TVs to see her! People were glued to their TVs all across America to see inside the President’s house and to get a little screen time from Jackie. This special is one I could never forget: sitting cross-legged on the carpet while my mom waxed poetic about Jackie’s fashion sense. And, if you wanted to hear her soft-spoken elegance all over again, here’s a segment from that original special.

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