A Look Back at How Different Maternity Clothes Used to Be

We have come a long way over the past few hundred years in what women wear during pregnancy and what is fashionable. And, some of the most dramatic change has happened just in the past 30 years or so. Have a look back with us at how maternity clothes have evolved so much over the years.


Maternity wear was very flouncy and covered the shape of the belly with ruffles and gathers or other decoration as was fashionable at the time.

Some aristocrats chose to have pregnancy paintings commissioned, showing their fertility and their finery all in one go.


Maternity dresses at this time were largely similar to regular fashion, but ladies still wore corsets during pregnancy and all of it looked rather uncomfortable.

Just imagine trying to get into all those buttons and ruffles while being pregnant.

Early 1900s

Women were still wearing corsets for pregnancy, but the overall shape went back to covering the pregnant belly somewhat more.

The romantic blouses and voluminous lace of the Edwardian era helped to camouflage the baby bump and gathered blouses were not uncommon fashion for any woman.

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