In 1956, The Honeymooners Taught Us How To Do “The Hucklebuck” Dance!

In 1949, a jazz dance known as “The Hucklebuck,” by Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers was sweeping the nation; a sign of the popular dance crazes that soon would follow. Now back in those days, we all know that when it came to dancing, our favorite TV characters weren’t afraid to bust a move! So in 1956, it was no surprise to see Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton performing this fun dance on The Honeymooners. In the following clip, Norton (played by Art Carney) teaches Ralph (Jackie Gleason) the dance before a big night with his wife, Alice. We love the old crank record player! It takes a lot of talent to dance like that and these two have it. Take a look at this hilarious video below. Who knows? You might learn a move or two.

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